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    Name:Ferenc Kiss
    Birthdate:September 17th 1975
    Marital status:single
    2001.Controll Training - higher level programmer
    1994.Neumann János Vocational High School - middle level programmer
    Operating systems
    • Windows (all from 3.1 up to 7)
    • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, SuSe, RedHat)
    • Mac OS
    Programming languages
    • C#
    • Delphi
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Visual Basic
    • Oracle
    • MSSQL
    • Access
    • MySQL
    • HTML code
    • Javascript
    • Turbo Pascal
    • Assembly
    • Clipper
    • DBase
    Sysment Kft.
      2008 -
      Implementing personalized software connecting to molecular databases using Oracle, C# and Delphi.
    Unitis Zrt.
      2001 - 2008
      Implementing personalized software connecting to molecular databases using Oracle, Delphi and Visual Basic.
    Spectrum Logic Kft.
      2000 - 2001
      Team leader / Programmer
      Designing and implementing software for cattle farms using Delphi.
    PEN Kft.
      Designing and implementing accounting and payroll software using Visual Basic and Access.
    Revolution Software Kft.
      1997 - 1999
      Consulting, sales, personalization for accounting systems.
    Divinus Numerus Bt.
      1995 - 1997
      Instructor / Programmer
      Teaching computer studies, programming, mathematics and languages. Designing and implementing timesheet and accounting software using Clipper.
    T.O.R.O. system
    Semmelweis University student residence system
      Students apply for residense in the university's dormitories through the web. If they are are accepted, their accounting is done in their respective dormitory, and later their data is used for statistics in the central accounting system. The web application part was implemented in PHP and MySQL, whilst the accounting software was written in Delphi. Most of the communication between the systems was done using XML.
      Multi-project task and issue tracker used in many of my projects, which I designed and implemented in my free time using PHP and MySQL.
    RC toys
    Playing guitar and drums
    Riding anything with a motor in it (quads, go-karts and jet skis)


I was born on the 17th of September of 1975, in Budapest. My parents came from humble backgrounds...sometimes I feel half the man, that I haven't had to live through the second world war, with all its hardships, having friends blown up by mines whilst playing where they shouldn't have, or watching as the Germans and later the Russians march through the country, taking with them by force everything valuable.
My parents and their generation really had it hard back then and I really admire them for that. Compared to them, the problems I had whilst growing up seem so small.
When I was young, we traveled a lot, because my parents worked for the ministry of foreign affairs. I spent most of my younger years (over ten years) in Cuba and Mexico. During these years, besides being able to learn English and Spanish, I was able to get to know a lot of cultures and people from a lot of different countries.
I still consider the years spent in the American School Foundation in Mexico City my best school years, because it was there that I was introduced to other fun things to do besides computers like photography, cinematography and economics (yeah, I know it sounds odd, but I really enjoyed making a company with the class and almost tripling our money in one semester).
I have been interested in computer technologies since elementary school in Mexico, information technology has been my chosen field of study and my hobby for over 20 years now. When we came back to Hungary, I was accepted into the Neumann János Computer Technologies High School.
After finishing high school, I graduated in the Controll Training Center in 2002, and I took my higher degree exam in 2003 with good marks. More than half of those 20 years where spent working for different companies.
After high school I went to work as an instructor for two years at the Divinus Numerus Bt. I taught programming and computer studies among other things, like english and mathematics. Besides teaching, I also wrote the accounting software for the company. After that, I worked for Revolution Software Kft. as a consultant for their accounting system.
There I was able to gain a lot of experience in public relations and organization, since I had to keep in contact with partners and see to their needs from the first moment when I showed them the system's capabilities, through personalizing the programs to their specific needs, to solving their arising everyday problems. In the summer of 2000 I started working as group leader for Spectrum-Logic Kft. Here I had to coordinate a team consisting of programmers (including myself) and agrarians designing, and implementing software for cattle farms.
Thanks to this job I gained a lot of experience (besides learning first-hand where milk comes from) in cross-platform communications, because the software had to communicate not only with automatic farming equipment, but also with centralized government agencies. Unfortunately that company went bankrupt, but it gave me chance to redesign the whole system from the ground up to create a brand new product, which is sold through Szoftvermûhely Kft. Through these projects I was able to put to use my MSSQL and Delphi programming knowledge. In 2001 I started to work for UNITIS Rt. as a software developer for outsourced international pharmaceutical projects. Here I was able to have deeper knowledge of Oracle, UML and project management.
Presently I'm working for Sysment Kft. taking part in pharmaceutical projects using Oracle, C# and Delphi. On the side I manage web projects using Linux, PHP and MySQL. Besides my regular jobs I designed and implemented various database-oriented programs, first under DOS environment with Clipper, and later under Windows with Visual Basic and Delphi. These days I mainly use Java, because of its platform independency. The programs I write mainly involve data processing and reporting (like the accounting and payroll program made for PEN Kft. in Visual Basic), but I'm also very fond of making code generators to automate tedious programming tasks whilst minimizing time consumption and human errors.
Of course computers are not my only hobby (even though I do like all sorts of computers and gadgets, and I do spend a lot of time tinkering with them). I really like to play with RC toys (cars, helicopters, submarines), and some of them are no playing matter, like my nitro engined HPI RS4 car, which was assembled entirely by me (and reassembled entirely after being a bit uncanny with it).
I also enjoy photography, so I take a lot of pictures wherever I go (to the delight of my girlfriend, who is a very patient person by the way) and I also play a bit with my guitar and drums. When I have the time, I like to ride anything with a motor in it, like quads, go-karts and jet skis.




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